Medical Laser Centar

Medical Laser Centre, thanks to an experienced team of experts from different fields will provide services in:


  DERMATOLOGY – through the removal of warts, papillomas, and treatment of skin lesions;
  COSMETOLOGY – the skin care and body treatment of age-related skin facijal photo rejuvenation, lifting, peeling;
  MESOTHERAPY – modern method for solving a large number of aesthetic and health problems. In this way we can solve the problems of the skin within a wide range of aesthetic medicine;
  We use the PRP in orthopedics that gives great effect in degenerative joint disease of the knee, hips, feet, spine;
  THE PLASMA TREATMENT, the method used for the purpose of skin rejuvenation;
  SKLEROTHERAPY – with great success treat veins and capillaries, achieve good results in sclerosing capillary.

Our medical center is located at 30 km from the airport and 5 km from the main bus station in Belgrade. We can provide free transport to our medical center.