Mesotherapy is a modern for solving a number of aesthetic and health issues. By using this method, we can solve a wide range of skin problems in aesthetic medicine.

Mesotherapy treatment as we practise it includes intra-dermal application of the highest quality compound substances or cocktails developed by French laboratories. If required, and depending on the age and clinical profile of the patient, the cocktails can be enriched with caviare or a substances that improve the skin’s elasticity with decreased rigidity.

Mesotherapy is the absolute anti-ageing choice, for a really youthful face with a Hollywood shine.

Mesotherapy is used to remove facial and bodily imperfections:

  Rejuvenation of a face, neck and decolletage (vitamin cocktails, mesolift by which we achieve gloss, freshness and serenity of the skin. The face, due to the flash effect, looks fresh already after the first treatment). tretmana);
  Reduction, alleviation and prevention of wrinkles,
  Dealing with rosacea problems;
  Dealing with dark circles around the eyes;
  Skin rehydration with re-establishment of tonus;
  Solving patchy pigmentation and freckles;
  Lip augmentation and filling wrinkles;
  Reduction or elimination of the double chin;
  Stretching the skin after childbirth.

Besides face bio-revitalisation, excellent results are achieved with radio-wave lifting that stimulates the production of collagen in the deeper layers of the skin, rehydrates it and increases the tonus. Non-invasive radio-wave lifting treatments in combination with the application of the highest quality products and anti-ageing serum, also have a flash effect.

To achieve the best result, mesotherapy of the face is often combined with chemical peeling and a range of cosmetic treatments that vary according to the type of skin.

Chemical peelings can improve the skin s appearance.In this treatment, a Chemical solution is applied to the skin, which makes it *blister* and evetually peel off. The new skin is usually smoother and less wrinkled than the old skin.
Chemical peels can be done on the face, neck or hands.

They can be used to:

  reduce fine lines under the eyes and around the mouth;
  treat wrinkles caused by sun damage and ageing;
  improve the appearance of mild scars;
  treat certan types of acne
reduce age spots, freckles and dark patches (melasma) due to pregnancy or taking birth control pills.

  • Types-Alpha hydroxy acid peels, BHA peels, retinoic acid peel, TCA peel for scars, glicolic acid peel…
  • After a Chemical peel, skin is teporarily more sensitive to the sun, so you must protect skin with sunprotecting preparates.
  • After a few treatments with 4 sessions per treatment, the skin is regenerated, firmness is re-established and the skin is without wrinkles or freckles. The method is completely painless, without haematoma, bruises or scars, and the entire procedure lasts about 30 minutes.
  • We also offer mesotherapy of the body. This is a treatment for reduction i.e. reducing and eliminating fat deposits in problematic body regions by active lipolysis for decomposition of fat deposits and their transformation into energy sources, improving circulation and lymph drainage using mesotherapy cocktails.
  • Caffeine in these cocktails, for example, improves micro circulation of the skin, where hyaluronic acid works on hydration, revitalising the skin and returning firmness.

DMAE – Strengthens loose collagen fibres reducing and fading striae (stretch marks). This cocktail additive has a lifting effect in addition to the skin stretching effect.

  • AHA – alfa hidroksi kiseline pilinzi glikolnom kiselinom su efikasni u uklanjanju pigmentacija, bora, ožiljaka i za lečenje akni jer i smanjuje masnoću kože i poboljšava drenažu sebuma iz žlezda i ožiljaka od akni, postoje različite koncentracije kisel-u pilingu u zavisnosti od efekta koji želimo postići i od indikacija. Najčešce se rade u seriji 3 do 6 tretmana, premda je broj varijabilan u zavisnosti od osobe a nekada je dovoljan i jedan piling. Površni se mogu ponoviti na 7 do 10 dana a duboki pilinzi se ponavljaju na 4 do 6 nedelja.
  • Mesotherapy is also used as an effective means of cellulite reduction.
    For people suffering from hair loss or those who want to strengthen hair follicles, we increase blood supply and strengthen the blood vessels of the scalp, which results in healthier and better-looking hair that is nurtured and hydrated.

  The cocktail contains amino acids, zinc and vitamin B.

  Dermarollers can also be used in Mesotherapy. Dermaroller is the method mostly used for:
– removal of expanded pores
– removal of acne scars
– rejuvenation of the skin
– removal of small wrinkles
– evening the complexion
– seborrhoea treatment
– reducing striae
– cellulite reduction
– hypo and hyper pigmentations
– hair loss