Hyaluronic fillers


Hyaluronic fillers are used to modify the lips to obtain the most desirable appearance, at the same time keeping the patient’s natural appearance. Hyaluron is a substance that is a natural part of our tissue, but one that is diminished with skin dehydration and ageing.
When used for aesthetic treatment, hyaluron is applied in or under the skin to correct its imperfections.

Filling the lips using the filler technique is carried out with the highest quality French and English products. These also contain the anaesthetic lidocaine, which ensures that the whole procedure is painless.

  The filling technique that employs fillers such as “Voluma” increases the lip volume, producing a vigorous look and preventing dehydration and skin ageing. After the application, the patient’s skin gains a fresh and youthful appearance.
  The filler technique is used to counteract wrinkles, alleviating or completely fading them. The high-quality products help to improve skin texture.